Thursday, October 29, 2009

My first craft fair...and some new bags

I signed up for my first official craft fair!!  Ok, it is a pretty small, local one, but that is what I wanted since it is the first.  I have already made it an official facebook "event" and invited all of my "friends". 

I have been making purses like crazy!  I want to have tons of different styles and colors so that I can appeal to a lot of different people.  I have also made some Christmas items, but I really, really want to be known as the purse I have focused on purses.

If anyone has comments or suggestions on how to make the crafty fair successful please let me know....I could use all the help I can get!

Here are a few new items:

Black thin-wale cord with cute little ruffles

LOVE this one! The red bird says it all.

My first ruffle, the colors are much better in real life.

Two circles.  This bag has fabulous texture....again, not visible in the photo.

I have been really trying to stay positive and motivated....a little stretch this time of year when darkness and  coldness set in.  I find that if I keep working at my projects I get more inspired, so the key is not to stop.  Unfortunately, my life has been chaotic - a bathroom remodel, Halloween, and sickness.  I have to remember to keep moving forward and that a messy house is not an indication of anything!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I love this time of year. The crisp weather makes me crave the outside. Tonight my kids and I met my sister-in-law and my practically brand-new nephew at a local park. We only walked for about an hour, long enough for the fall air to invigorate my soul.
The view at the end of our walk. It was beautiful. The sun was bright and clear.

Look at the sky, crystal clear.

Even the dogs had a great time....they went right into the water even though it was freezing!

Beautiful fall colors.

My son and I at the nature center. I knew he was getting big, but we're practically the same size!

Times like these bring so much joy into my life. It is difficult balancing all the work of life without trying to find time for fun. But fun is what it is all about! It doesn't need to cost money, and it doesn't need to be planned. It seems that almost all of life's great moments are unplanned, unstructured, simple, and without any expectations. All that is required is the setting of the stage. This means putting down the dish rag or the vacuum (or laundry!), and definitely shutting off the TV. It means being present in this moment and not wishing life away. It means embracing this life and living it to its absolute fullest!

Monday, October 5, 2009

No pictures.

Well, the wood pile in my yard is stacked. It is nice to have that done. I also did an hour of yoga tonight....which I really needed. I feel like this day unravelled in an unravelling way. I suppose these things happen sometimes. I seriously hope that life isn't always as difficult as it was today. Good things on the horizon? I can only hope.